Busy Summer Start.

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I’ve been pretty busy lately with photos, my favorite way to pass the time! A few weeks ago I did a headshot and anniversary photoshoot for a friend of mine and they turned out great. Although I don’t typically see people wanting multiple photoshoots at once, it is an easier way to get everything done in one day. First came the headshots which are actually pretty fun to shoot. Luckily the days of stale black and white poses with a fake grin are over. Most people are moving towards outdoor shots or showing them in a more relaxed setting with natural smiles. Here are a few of the photos from the shoot.





I also watched my friends kitty and her house while she was away. I visited Luna every day and sent silly photos to my friend to show her Luna was doing well. Each day we did something different like flying a kite, playing with puzzles or just playing with toys. Here are a few of the fun things I sent my friend.





From now until the end of July, I will be working with MSU’s SOAR to take photos of students as they start at MSU. The next few months will be pretty busy but I always have time for other shoots. So contact me if you are interested!

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