Crazy Technology!

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There are some days technology is my best friend. There are also some days where it becomes my worst enemy! This week has been a week of technological meltdowns on a location shoot. I have teamed up with the MSU SOAR program to take photos of incoming students. I have been doing this for a few years now and enjoy it. We have the students take their photo with the mascot Rowdy, the craziest, most creative photos win a prize and are featured on their Instagram site. Usually things go fairly smoothly with taking photos and printing them out. Sometimes (like this week) everything becomes a nightmare! But as usual the only thing I could do was laugh, take a deep breath, and keep trying until something worked.


One of the cards I had photos on disappeared while I was changing the ink. I looked everywhere for it and no one could find it. Finally I decided to shake the printer and as I picked it up I noticed it had gotten itself wedged into the back of the printer. Luckily I found it or 17 students would have ended up without photos. The ink then decided it wasn’t going to charge correctly and ended up printing wrong. Luckily the tried and true method of shutting it off and turning it back on worked!


Monday was a major camera/card meltdown! I placed a new card into my camera and it had a folder error which usually happens when I put in a card that has been formatted. This time it wouldn’t recognize the card at all. I pulled the card and put in a new one (which usually solves the problem). That did not work. I ended up changing batteries twice, putting 5 different cards in and still had the same result with the same error message. Luckily my camera takes two different types of cards so I placed in an SD card and it worked! Once that problem was solved and the students went on to the rest of the orientation, I was able to go back through the cards and re-format the card that caused an error.


Today was the printers turn to meltdown. The first printer had blue ink on the photos so we opened the printer up and found that the cyan had been punctured wrong and was leaking. Ink was everywhere!!! Luckily I had help so they sopped up the ink. We cleaned the rollers, adjusted the printer and it started working. As this was happening my other printer decided to print everything in magenta and yellow only. I had to clean the print heads on that one as well. After 45 minutes of working on one or the other we got them both back up and running.


I have one more session this week so hopefully everything goes well. If not I’ll do what I always do and just keep going! You never know what will happen on a photoshoot so you have to be able to adapt and go with the flow. I have had people pass out, fall, a kid fall in a cactus, camera and printer meltdowns and people/animal meltdowns during shoots. A good sense of humor is a must and of course always be prepared because anything can happen! Below are some of the more creative photos with Rowdy. Enjoy!


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