What Should I Expect?

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  • First of all, you should expect to have FUN! If it is not fun, why do it?!
  • Make sure to get plenty of rest the night before. If you are tired or grumpy, believe me it will show.
  • Drink plenty of water!!!!!! I can’t say this enough. Water and snacks will keep you happy and healthy.
  • Don’t Stress! Stress is bad, and only makes things worse. Even if we have to change plans a bit or re-schedule, I will work with you to make sure it works out the way you want.
  • Make sure you pack all of the things you want to bring with you or have in the photos the night before. If you have to run around trying to find things it will just stress you out and remember, stress is bad!
  • If you have any poses you want to do or see something that you would like in your photo or as a backdrop, don’t hesitate to let me know!
  • I am a very easy-going, I go with the flow of the photoshoot. There are no time limits for getting the perfect photo. It happens when it happens. It is easy to get frustrated but everything will work out! Just remember to take a deep breath, relax and have fun!



What to Bring:

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  • Bring comfortable shoes! If we will be doing a lot of walking it is better to be safe and comfortable than it is to be fashionable. You will have plenty of time to change into your nice photoshoot shoes.
  • If we will be out in the sun bring sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, whatever will keep you comfortable.  Even if we will be in and out of shade it’s better to be protected!
  • Bring water and snacks to keep you hydrated and happy. If you have little ones or pets this is especially helpful to get their attention and to keep them happy.
  • Props: If there is anything you want to include in your shoot bring it! Shoes, pets, toys, collectibles, art or something special, anything goes!
  • Outfits: If you will be changing clothes, shoes, or jewelry make sure you bring them with you to the shoot. It’s always a bummer when you forget that special item at home.


  • Kids and Pets: Bring something that they love, it will help them relax. Don’t forget to pack things for them do or play with while we set up. These items also make great photos! Treats are great for getting attention!
    • If you would like your pet to be relaxed and calm for photos I highly recommend a walk or quick run ahead of time. 
    • If you would like action shots, skip the walk and bring on the toys! We’ll play with your pet to get some great action shots and get the “posed” shots as they wear out.
  • Try to pack everything the day or night before the shoot. This way you know you have everything and you don’t have to worry about finding your items right before the shoot. 

What to wear:


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  • Wear whatever you want! Simple huh?!
    • Okay, so it’s not always that simple. If you would like to color coordinate go for it! If you want everyone to dress in their own style that is cool too. 
    • Try to stay with comfortable items. Because this isn’t in a studio you want to be comfortable enough to move around. 
    • If you have nice shoes, bring an extra pair you want to walk around in. If we are in the mountains you really want comfortable shoes. You can change into your nice shoes when we get to the area for the photo.
  • Bring at least 2 changes of outfit. There is no charge for outfit changes so bring what you want.
  • Be you!!!! I can’t stress this enough. Be yourself and don’t be afraid to show your personality with what you wear.



What Not To Do:

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  • Please Do Not Stress!!!! Everything will work out. Stress is bad and will make it a bad experience. Photos should be fun, so if something is stressing you out let me know and I’ll do what I can to help.
  • Please don’t scream, shout, or get frustrated. 
    • The bigger the group the more frustrating it can be to get people to look, stand straight, smile……Don’t stress about it we will get the shots you want. Let me worry about it, your job is to relax and have fun, I’ll take the stress. 
    • Animals and children don’t always do what you want them to do. Getting upset and frustrated just makes them feel the same and I don’t want anyone to be unhappy. Sometimes the goofy, funny, candid shots are the best so we will work with the kids and animals to get the posed shots you want and the fun photos they want. (Remember the treats? They work wonders!)
  • If you bring people who will not be in the photos, please remember to ask them to be courteous. This is your photoshoot not theirs. We will incorporate as many ideas as possible but please no fighting, arguing or rudeness. If the situation calls for it we can always re-schedule when everyone is much happier.
  • Don’t worry about the weather. Weather in Colorado can be unpredictable. If it is too cold, snowy, rainy or dangerous we will just re-schedule. I have a rain coat and so does my camera so if you would like to sing and dance in the rain I would be more than happy to take pictures of you doing it!



Bottom Line:

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  • This will be a laid back photo shoot, I am not a ridiculous artist that will yell at you or demand you do what I want. I will give you a general guide for sitting or standing and then the rest is up to you! If you want to sit, stand or lay down, anything goes, whatever makes you comfortable.
  • If you have any specific ideas about what you want then let me know and we will work with them. I will meet with you before your actual shoot and take notes so that we both know what to expect and which direction we want to go in. Please do not hesitate to let me know about any ideas you have! 
As I have said before, and I will continually say:

 Have Fun, it will show!!!

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