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Happy New Year!!! Okay I’m a month late but it’s the thought that counts!


It’s been awhile since I’ve had time to add to my website and blog. Since my last post I have had a few deaths in my family, an immediate family member who had a stroke, a downed website and a whole lot of craziness going on. Luckily everything has finally started to slow down and get back to normal.


Since I became a caretaker for family member things got pushed to the side. Luckily the stroke was not caused by health but by a fluke and now my family member is almost back to 100%. While I was taking care of my family member and my crazy dog, I started to loom knit and crochet more because it helps alleviate my stress. I originally started to loom knit and crochet so I could make props for my photography. I also found a book on amigurumi and wanted to learn how to do that. So like most things I jumped all in and started following intermediate crochet patterns. I had no idea they weren’t beginner patterns since I bought the kit at a book store. I have since learned they were not beginner patterns but luckily I had few problems with them. Since I learned to loom knit over a year ago and crochet 3 months ago I have made some pretty cool things. I am currently working on 2 Colorado ear warmers, a puppy hat, a kitty hat and a fox lovey. If you’d like anything custom made for you, feel free to contact me and I’ll let you know how much. Here are a few of my creations I’ve worked on:


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I also helped out a friend with an audition video for American Ninja Warrior. I like putting together videos but I had less then a week to throw one together. I love my new program especially since it came with a green screen. I’ve been playing with the green screen a bit and hope to play with it more once I get caught up on my projects.


I’ve done a few shoots since things became super crazy. I did a Sr. photo shoot, a newborn shoot, a 1 yr. old’s birthday party, Santa photo shoot for the DFL, a 1 yr old’s Christening and birthday party, a family shoot and a shoot for Flavorpill and Pepsi. Now that things are settling down I’m going to finish my crochet projects and hopefully finish some more of my website. I hope everyone has a great 2015!


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